Thursday, March 17, 2016

Update (3/17/16)

If there is anyone who was reading this blog consistently, I apologize for being so slow to update. I have so many pictures of my desktop waiting to be uploaded from as far back as December. I am determined to get at least some of them up this weekend. 

Just to update what has happened to me since I last posted. I came back to Portugal and am now living in student housing and going to a Portuguese language school. I have class Monday-Friday 9 am (though I literally can never make it there on time even though I wake up at 6:30 am every morning... it's a mystery how this happens)-12 pm. Then I signed myself up for 1 hour of individual lessons where I pretty much just have a conversation with a teacher. I really love all the teachers at the school and I feel like I have learned a lot. BUT speaking is still sooooo difficult for me. My listening comprehension, reading, and writing are decent but when it comes to speaking I struggle. It doesn't help that most of the resources online are for Brazilian Portuguese. Lately I have been very lazy so I need to work harder and maybe next month instead of taking morning classes I will spend a month doing only individual lessons to try to improve my speaking skills more. 

I decided that I will most likely stay until the end of June, although getting a visa extension is very difficult because, like everything Portuguese, the department that handles visas is SO SLOW!!! To the point where you won't get an appointment with them until *at least* 2 months later.

Anyways, look forward to more pictures, I've been busy :)