Saturday, January 9, 2016


Ok, so I haven't posted anything in a while and the reason is that I got really busy right at the end of the program and also just got lazy. I am currently back in the USA for the holidays, but I am going back to Lisbon at the end of January to study Portuguese. I did not feel like the CIEE program gave enough language instruction, and that was the whole point in me going!! So I decided to rent out a dorm and sign up for a language school in Lisbon called "CIAL", where I will be taking intensive Portuguese lessons every week day for 4 hours for hopefully (assuming I get my visa) 5 months. It's probably going to be a really different experience than the first semester, as I will be completely on my own, but there are still some people from the CIEE program who I will be living close to who decided to stay on for the year program instead of the semester program, so I will have some friends. We'll see! I have high hopes and I believe if I try hard I can become good at Portuguese during part 2 of my stay in Portugal (fingers crossed)!!! For now I will finish posting about my last few months in Portugal so I can start afresh when I go back.

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