Monday, November 2, 2015

Bacalhoa Architecture Trip (10/16/15)

It's been a long time since I last posted, partly because my internet was out for a week and partly because I was very busy/lazy. Anyways, this post will be about a trip we took for architecture class. I don't especially like the architecture class because the lectures are extremely boring and also because we often take trips during the week in the middle of the day. This would be great if we didn't have classes after the trips, meaning we have to fit everything in in 2 hours and usually the places we go take 30 minutes to get to by public transportation. This means that we end up having to practically run through the sites without being able to stop and look at things.
However, there are a few Fridays (when we have no classes) when we go on longer, more leisurely trips. One of these was to a small town outside of Lisbon called Bacalhoa, where we went to see a property originally owned by the Viceroy to India and then a vineyard afterwards to do a wine tasting. Why? Just because..
Sorry if some of these pictures are repetitive, I just want to dump them somewhere besides on my computer.

Quinta da Bacalhoa:

It was part tile/other artifacts museum. Tiles in Portuguese = azulejos. By the way, I have been taking a lot of pictures of tiles wherever I go so most likely I will make a post later where I can put all these pictures together.

 Outsides the house there was a vineyard and gardens:

 Hedge maze with people from my class hiding:

 The vineyard where we did the wine tasting had tons of blue plaster statues everywhere. I didn't take a picture but they had many replicas of soldiers like those from the terracotta army in China... also blue.

We got to taste three wines... the white was really good, the red was ok, but the golden one was sooooo weird. It was very thick, sweet, and syrupy and also the most alcoholic since they would only let the grapes ferment only for a bit before taking it out and mixing it with more alcohol. The day was fun and I ended up falling asleep on the bus ride back.

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