Monday, November 2, 2015

Random Moments and Architecture Trip to Queluz

Here I added pictures and descriptions of random moments in my life for the past few weeks (none of them deserving of their own post) to the pictures of another architecture trip we took last Friday (10/30/15).

Castelo de São Jorge:

These pictures are from the architecture trip we took to the (originally Moorish) castle which overlooks Lisbon:

Lisbon through the periscope that they have on top of the castle: 

On the walls:

The peacocks that were all over the grounds:

The view from the castle:

Santa Engracia A.K.A The National Pantheon:

I already put up pictures from the outsides but I finally got to go inside for one of the architecture trips.

Friday Architecture Trip to Queluz:
Queluz is an area within Sintra (which I will talk about it my next post) and home to the Queluz National Palace and gardens. They began work on the palace in the 18th century and it still stands rotting to this day.. It is very beautiful and grand but also gives off a feeling of dilapidation..

The ballroom:

The "Music Room":

The myth of the founding of Europe in tiles:

 I think this was the throne room:

My favorite part was looking at the floors, ceilings, and chandeliers:

The Gardens:

Ok so it is really hard to see in this picture but on the grounds of the palace there was this windmill which said, "The Aeromotor Chicago". Which I thought was pretty damn cool...

Violent statue of Samson killing a Philistine: 

After this trip I went back to Lisbon and proceeded to spend 3 hours in the hugest mall I have ever been in called "Centro Colombo". They have everything you could imagine here including cars, a bowling alley, a movie theater, and last time I was there they even had those bungee jumping trampoline things. Blah 

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